Have you always thought that all translations are the same?

Have you always thought that there is no difference between translated texts?

If so, you are wrong!

Good translations are essential for a good quality business.

On the contrary, poor translations reflect poor quality businesses.

Five things that happen to your business when you have a poor translation:

• Brand is damaged

• Poor quality is conveyed

• Customer trust is lost

• Long-term objectives are not achieved

• Sales decrease

How poor translations can damage your business

When a client reads a poor translation, and can either spot mistakes or cannot understand, the brand of the service or product attempting to be communicated is instantly damaged.

This impacts negatively on your company as, because of this, poor quality business is conveyed.

What happens then?

The business comes across as careless, and ignorant. As a direct result, customer trust and fidelity are lost.

The client is very unlikely to use your service or product in the future after having read or seen the poor translation.

Negative culmination

This process has a knock-on effect which ultimately culminates in a decrease in sales of your product or service, and your business will suffer.

How to avoid negative effects

To avoid this negative domino effect, you must not use poor translations. You must use high quality ones.

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