BBL and ICAB, trendsetters in the legal field

Lawyers from around the world met on January 29th and 30th 2015 against the magnificent backdrop of Barcelona to exchange ideas, present elevator pitches, practice speed networking … and break language barriers.

The activity took place at the 3rd edition of the Trade Fair of the Legal Profession, a custom event presented by the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB).

ICAB is the first Bar Association in Catalonia and Spain to make it possible for lawyers to exchange ideas with international colleagues in this way; to engage in a dialogue with no borders, linguistic or otherwise.

The event, with the help of Barcelona’s cosmopolitan atmosphere of constant reinvention and renewal, cemented ICAB’s worldwide reputation as a pioneer in both ideas and actions.

The Bar Association marked the occasion by opening the doors of its own training centre in Barcelona, giving international attendees an up-close look at ICAB’s day-to-day activities.

“Competing without communicating is no longer possible,” wrote Nicola di Molfetta, former director of TopLegal and current director of LegalCommunity, in May 2010. Claudio Cosetti , in his book Marketing e Comunicazione per gli Studi professional, noted: “The era of ‘word of mouth’ is over.”

The trade fair was an opportunity to connect personally as well as professionally for lawyers from 16 countries: German lawyers, Belgium lawyers , Brazilian lawyers, American Lawyers, French lawyers, Italian lawyers, Japanese lawyers, Latvian lawyers, Luxembourgian lawyers, Moroccan lawyers, Nigerian lawyers, Peruvian lawyers, Polish lawyers, English lawyers, Czech Republic lawyers and Russian lawyers. Attendees demonstrated their wide-ranging abilities and their shared business values, aware that success has always depended on credibility.

Participating legal firms included JamesLoveLegal from England, and Joe H. Tucker and Yvonne B. Montgomery from Philadelphia’s Tucker Law Group.

Communication in the legal sector has changed with lightning swiftness in recent years: a profession that was used to observing events from a safe distance before offering its services has now understood the importance of developing close relationship with clients. In an era of globalization, new clients frequently speak a different language. Fortunately, today’s lawyers have access to resources that can help seize these new opportunities: working with colleagues from other countries and contracting the services of a first-class translation agency that specializes in the legal sector.

Barbara Beatrice Lavitola of BBLTranslation spoke at the fair to explain how the latter can aid the efficiency of essential tasks such as exchanging documents. She demonstrated the evolution of sworn translation in the Internet age, and spoke of how her pioneering translation agency had introduced digitally signed sworn translation. She also explained how to save on sworn translations by commissioning them in specific countries, and stressed the importance of specialist legal translators for legal texts, underlining the indispensible need for knowledge of the legal systems involved.

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