BBL Angel Wings – the searchlight for those bad translations that kill business from day one!

BBL Angel Wings, a creation from BBL Translation, to search and destroy translation mistakes that are seen all over the world.

“Most tourists in Barcelona speak English. Is there really any excuse for spelling welcome as wellcome on the taxi stickers?”

The Milan Expo 2015 is approaching and Milan translations are still too poor. A famous bar in Duomo sells “tied coffee” (a coffee with strings attached?) and in Catalonia, a Catalan restaurant sells something killed with honey (would you go there?).

When BBLTranslation spots a mistake, it stamps BBL Angel Wings on the photo captured and tweets it via BBLTranslation on Twitter.

Restaurants in Barcelona, bars in Milan, museums and tourist attractions in London… BBL Angel Wings have landed on all of them.

It’s shocking how even the biggest companies don’t realise that the cost of a good translation increases the chance to win business.

And, in the cases above, the chance to successfully communicate to another culture.

Why are good translations less valued than communication in the original language? Why do they play second fiddle? It’s often because the person thinking of having a translation done doesn’t realise that translation must be treated with equal importance as the original language.

If we want to communicate effectively in our native language, we need to do the same with the translation. The impact of a translation should never be treated differently from the message being communicated in the original language.

Translations are used to reach a broader audience, to crush language barriers and to make your product or service known all over the world – in exactly the same way that you want to present your product or service to your local audience.

Cheap translations are possible. Expensive translations are simply high volume texts. BBLTranslation offers tips on how to save money if you want to translate your texts:

BBL Angel Wings are circling now… So don’t let them land on your translations. Ask for a professional service that can open doors and create new opportunities for you and your company.

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