BBL breaks language slang barriers for new play from BCN playwright

Linguistics is not just found in grammar books and dictionaries. There are many different slang words and phrases that differ from language to language, with only the native speakers knowing their meanings. BBLTRANSLATION is here to assist, this time, in collaboration with The Tremayne Company.

It is premiering “A Woman of Many Parts”, a comedic drama, in Barcelona, and BBLTRANSLATION gave its support with the comedic English slang terminology that a majority of the audience won’t recognize.

With over 50% of the audience being non-native English speakers, many of the English phrases will be entirely new.

Theatre is a great way to hear real English language that is used in every day life, especially the phrases you won’t find in an English grammar book or dictionary. With a list of translated phrases provided by BBLTRANSLATION in collaboration with The Tremayne Company, non-native speakers will have the opportunity to better their English for real life context.

The vocabulary list is available in English, Catalan, and Castellano and will be provided free of charge to anybody attending the show. Enjoy!

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