BBLTranslation innovates with a personalized website experience

BBLTranslation now offers visitors to its website a new concept in user experiences: the chance to match the menu colour scheme to their personal tastes.

A website visit is a short journey in which the user enters a world (in this case, the corporate world) that they will discover step by step. The visitor typically moves through menus, links and sections designed by the company that has devoloped the webpage. But why not give the user a more active role instead of just a passive one?

To achieve this, BBLTranslation now gives its website users the chance to select the colour that best fits their character and personal preference: burgundy, grey or blue.

This cutting edge concept was analyzed for BBLTranslation by Fran Méndez, corporate communication expert and writer and editor for Forbes magazine.

Burgundy, blue and grey are all colours that avoid distractions, a very important thing when we are about to contract the services of a company,” Méndez stated.

As BBLTranslation’s logo clearly shows, blue (paired with white) is a key colour of its corporate identity. Blue represents loyalty, integrity, responsibility, trust, wisdom and truth: the core values of our company.

Blue is the most used colour in business, used in the identities and logos of 33% of companies. It has particular success in the ‘higher’ corporate sectors of technology, energy, finance and health.

“Your webpage does not only offer simple translation services, but also sworn translation, interpreting and other language-related services. All of this is not in the thoughts of people who do not specialise in the translation field. For this reason, the colour blue and its qualities of clarifying and instilling transparency are important,” Méndez added.

The union of blue and white shows our clear intention to communicate company responsibility (blue) and the transparency of our services (white).

In addition to these colours, BBLTranslation now offers navigatation options in burgundy and grey. Burgundy represents our passion and the energy we bring to our profession, and our aim to build long-term relationships of mutual value and shared knowledge with clients. Grey combines the diverse values of cyan, magenta and yellow.

A pretty brave choice, although I think that it works very well in your webpage,” Méndez noted.

Who are these colours for? In our opinion, burgundy is for daring and energetic clients; blue is for those who are more prudent and cautious; and grey suits the preferences of no-nonsense clients who also appreciate sophistication.

Every visitor can pick the colour they like best, the one that matches their mood, or simply the one that they want to experience while navigating the page.

The colour-selector is just the beginning for the new Active User experience on BBLTranslation’s website. Look out for further developments soon!

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