BBLTranslation’s project methodology and approach

Translation can often be thought of as a type of ‘behind the scenes’ process that most people won’t ever get a clear view of. In fact, the lack of clarity about what goes on when a text is sent off to a translation agency might even lead some people to believe that it’s easy! Just a matter of sending a text off to a translator and having them ‘write it out in another language’ before sending it back. Nothing could be further from the truth – it’s actually a very careful and detail-oriented procedure that we, as professionals, take great pride in perfecting. Let us take you behind the curtain and clear away the smoke to show you exactly what it looks like for us to work on a translation project, from receiving the job to final delivery. 

3 key concepts to create the best final product

When working to create translations, it is important to understand that the end user will be using it as if it was the original version. It has to read and sound natural, display all the same information, and grab the attention of the viewer/reader (depending on form, not all texts end up as written words on the page). That’s why, at BBLTranslation, our methodology is guided by three key concepts to help us create the best final product: creativity, a technical approach, and innovation.

Our first step after receiving a job from a client is to analyse the text and then to identify which of our expert translators will be the most suitable for the task. This translator will then use their background in the area of the text in order to create a target language version that contains the details required while also being innovative in their language use to come up with creative solutions to any challenges faced. It cannot be overstated how important it is for the translator to have this creative flair, we’ve all seen examples of bad translations where the structure or wording of the original text has been followed just a little bit too closely to the point where the final translation is nonsensical!

Once this has been done, the text is sent to a second linguist who verifies the quality of the text and suggests changes to make sure that the client receives the most natural and idiomatic translation possible. This might come as a surprise to anyone who hasn’t thought about what might happen backstage during translation, surely it’s a solitary job? Not at all, having another pair of eyes (and another brain) look at a text can help to spot anything that was missed by the first linguist, as well as introduce another stylistic viewpoint to help give the text that boost that lifts it from good to great. Once these changes have been reviewed, it goes back to the project manager for final quality control before delivery. Briefing with the client and ongoing communication with them is of utmost importance for us in order to create a final product that meets their needs.

3 core values that guide us

There you have it: creativity, a technical approach, and innovation in action. The three core values that guide us in our work also help to make sure that anyone coming to us is receiving the best possible service. After reading this you should now feel more confident about understanding what happens behind the (virtual) walls of a translation agency!

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