How much does a translator cost? You set the price

If someone offered you the opportunity to pay a price that you consider fair for a service, instead of having to pay a price that was already assigned by the company, what do you think you would be willing to pay? It’s one of the latest marketing techniques that are revolutionizing the market, and supporters are finding that a job well done is a job well paid.


4 July 2015 – Fran Méndez, Forbes Spain


Let’s go back to the summer of 2013 when the well-known Spanish airline, Iberia, decided to offer 232 tickets from Madrid to New York at the price that the consumer was willing to pay. The offer started at 600 euros, reducing by 5 euros every second until a traveler decided to accept the price at the moment.


The result was more than extraordinary: a surge of media attention, a revolution for social media sites, as well as another surprising benefit that they didn’t think they would obtain. But, what was this company’s key? It was simply the customers’ satisfaction with the aforementioned services. That’s to say that when you’re used to getting products or services of quality from a company, you don’t mind paying the price that you really think they deserve.


This is the idea that drove Barbara Beatrice Lavitola, noted by the marketing consultant, Giampaolo Curreri, as a “leader with a great vision, imagination, knowledge and dedication,” to create BBLeasy® a project with the objective of adjusting its services with the price that the client sets. “The idea came as the result of a long time spent with the preparation of budgets. These days, time is the most important aspect for everyone, so we tried to create a service that would allow us, the providers, as well as the clients to save precious time,” explains the CEO and founder of the company. In this way, BBLeasy® guarantees that the services offered will fit the satisfaction that the client expects.


These types of services are managing to change the traditional business models by offering them more flexibility to both the clients and the company itself. In the words of Barbara Beatrice Lavitola, “It’s no longer about saying I’ll offer you this and if you want it, you have to pay X; but rather, tell me what kind of budget you have to work with, and I, with my team and my knowledge, will do what I can.” However, companies like BBLeasy® tend to offer two types of services: one that fits the traditional model and another that serves to investigate new marketing techniques to adapt to the clients’ needs.


What’s the most prevalent difference between one service and the other? It would be that which the client needs and demands at that very moment. “BBLTranslation offers native professional translators with a minimum of 5 years of experience, specializing in the field of translation that is to be performed, in accordance with current regulations and ensuring the absence of any semantic or spelling errors. However, not all clients require service at this level, which is why we have created an alternative service, BBLeasy®,” explains Barbara Beatrice Lavitola.


Without a predetermined price, the client feels free to decide their budget, among other things, depending on their satisfaction with the work carried out. This is how these types of initiatives increase two of the basic characteristics that each company has to keep in mind for success in the business world: loyalty to the customer and the guarantee of a job well done.

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