How to achieve your translation and budget goals: let the project manager advise you

The first thing that springs to mind when you are thinking about a translation agency, is related to the “supplier” concept. In other words, we are finding a company which offers us its services as quickly and cheaply as possible.

The price of cheap translation agencies hides many disadvantages in the medium term.

It’s a common practice to request a simultaneous quotation to different translation agencies to receive the cheapest offer (even sometimes without using the CCO email function). Confidential documentation is also disclosed without having previously spoken to or had a closer relationship with the translation agency… And the consequences are rarely analysed.

  • How do they manage and categorize classified and confidential information?
  • Which suppliers do they work with?
  • Do they have liability insurance?
  • Do they comply with the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact?


We consider transmitting confidential documentation in this way to be very risky and irresponsible.

The business vision at BBLTranslation

In the opinion of Barbara Beatrice Lavitola, Managing Director at BBLTranslation, the problem lies in considering a translation agency a mere service supplier, rather than a team of people who will help the company to achieve new goals in other countries.

People are the true value in a translation agency: professionals who stand out for their experience and skills in different languages and sectors. In a translation agency, you find that figure we mentioned at the beginning, who becomes the perfect ally: the project manager.

The project manager is the specialist who is at your disposal to help you achieve whatever your business is looking for. Not everyone who asks for a translation has the same objective in mind: to open up new markets or perhaps to promote awareness of a brand in a foreign country. Only translations focusing on the real objective can maximize your company’s potential in new markets.

Project Manager: a key figure at BBLTranslation to ensure client satisfaction

The project manager is the trusted expert who will listen to what your budget is, your needs, your objectives and will do everything in their power to provide a service fully adapted to your requirements.

Listen up! If you had never thought about it before, you should know that the project manager is on the client’s side, making sure that the service provided is developed totally according to your needs, and establishing guidelines so you can reach your goal.

If you have a limited budget, the project manager will value it and propose the team of translators that will best suit your project.

If you want to enter a specific market, the project manager will help you in the second stage of the internationalization process: localization. Specific translators will be chosen for that objective, keeping the grammatical and orthographic variations of the target country or region in mind.

Our project managers at BBLTranslation are completely at your disposal to advise you in the best way to save in a budget and achieve your translation and interpretation goals in any language.

Get in touch now and request more information without commitment to our translation agency BBLTranslation.

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