IBTM 2019: One World, an Endless Wealth of Business Opportunities and Knowledge

IBTM World is a global event that brings together professionals from over 141 countries across the world who work in the MICE industry (meetings, incentives, conferences and events). The annual event hosted its 32nd edition over 3 days (19, 20, 21 November) at Fira Barcelona, where it has been held since 2004.

IBTM is always marked as a special date in the calendar, as a day that year on year stands out for its vibrancy, international outlook, networking and knowledge opportunities. This year it was even more so, as IBTM World revealed a peak in interest from new exhibitors, with over double the number of first-time exhibitors compared to 2018. Amongst them are airlines, hotels, national tourism organisations, attractions and entertainment companies.

As with any occasion that brings people from different countries together, translation is essential for effective communication. At MICE events, communication can arguably be even more vital as prestige and image can be on the line. Our outstanding translation and interpretation services are key to ensuring an events success. We offer simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, sign language and remote interpreting in addition to the translations of brochures, guides, leaflets, websites, menus, press releases, international advertising and localisation.


As in previous years, BBLTranslation was impressed by the creativity of the exhibitions on show. Each country was eager to express their individuality and share with the world the best their country has to offer. Of particular marketing success was Business Events Australia’s “come say g’day” sign, herbal teas at Imagine Your Korea, and Slovak wine tasting by the Slovak Tourist Board.

The event is an invaluable opportunity for networking and BBLTranslation left the event having forged new relationships and met key professional contacts. In particular, BBLTranslation can now be found on EVINTRA’s MICE and tourism directory. The company also came away having acquired knowledge on innovations within the industry whilst also inspired by several of the talks, including that of John Volanthen, the British cave diver who helped to rescue the young Thai footballers trapped in Tham Luang cave in 2018.


BBLTRANSLATION is a translation agency specialising in the tourism and events industry, offering both interpreting services (simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, sign language and remote interpreting) to meet any needs, alongside translations (including marketing, brochures, guides, leaflets, websites, menus, press releases, international advertising and localisation). BBLTranslation works in all languages and is capable of carrying out copytranslations (translations which are especially creative, focused on the client’s business).    

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