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A showreel is a video of a person’s work and professional highlights, usually around 1 to 3 minutes long. Showreels are largely used by people involved in filmmaking such as actors, animators and editors. Their work is displayed in what is essentially a video portfolio, often sent alongside a résumé when applying for jobs or securing new clients. Showreels can also be used in marketing and public relations. These are called corporate showreels and allow companies to manage and promote their brand.

Showreels play an important role in communications and can be the difference between a successful campaign or application and an unsuccessful one. Given their importance, one would want their showreel to be informative and impactful to all audiences, including those who speak another language. In this instance translations or subtitling prove extremely beneficial, and the need for accuracy in these translations and subtitles cannot be overstated. Translations or subtitles on a showreel must be true to the original, so that the brand’s unique image or message is not compromised; however, it is also imperative that the initial desired impact of the words used in the original is carried into the translation or subtitling and is equally well-received and understood by the audience in the target language.

Here at BBLTRANSLATION, we provide high-quality translations and subtitles for showreels. Our translations and subtitles are proofread to ensure that they are as accurate and close to the original as possible. Our translators and subtitlers are highly trained and are specialists in their respective fields; this ensures that they have a full understanding of the content that they are working with and are familiar with the professional context. Our translators are native speakers, which enables them to combine their knowledge of the target language, the target culture and the pertinent field to provide the most accurate and appropriate translations of the content; we will ensure that your message is conveyed exactly as you intended and leaves an impression on anyone who watches your showreel.

Our team possesses the required knowledge and qualifications to provide a guaranteed exceptional translation and subtitling service and we are dedicated to helping your business grow. With help from us, your showreels will display all your successes in the best light and in multiple languages, allowing you to reach audiences all around the world. Our showreel translations and subtitles are fast and confidential with a zero-mistake guarantee. Ask us for a no-obligation quote for your showreel needs and we would be more than happy to deal with your request.


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