The art, advantages and applications of transcription

Transcriptions are incredibly useful and have a multitude of applications. Having a written record of audio or video recordings could benefit your business as it allows your data and content to be used, analysed or distributed in multiple formats. Additionally, it makes such content more accessible for a wider audience, allowing your work to reach more people and thus broadening your client base.  

Transcriptions can be used in an array of fields. We provide business transcriptions such as interview transcripts, meetings, conferences and much more. Written records of these events allow businesses to review what was said and facilitate in-depth examination of the content. We provide medical transcriptions too, transcriptions of medical records, physical examination reports, consultation reports, to name a few. Our transcription services also cover legal transcriptions, including providing transcripts of statements, judgements recordings, memoranda and other communications. All the services mentioned above allow business to have written copies of important information available for reference.

Our multimedia transcriptions include transcripts of podcasts and videos. We transcribe audio files of all formats; we transcribe from DVD, CD or digital format (.mp3, .wav, .mov, .avi, .mpeg, etc.) and deliver it on CD, DVD or via the Internet in various formats (.pdf, .doc, .txt, etc.) or even in print according to customer specifications.

Our transcriptions are proofread to ensure that the written version is as orthographically accurate and close to the original as possible. Moreover, our transcription services can be combined with translation, summaries or press releases. As with our translations, our transcribers are trained and are specialists in their respective fields, to ensure that they have a full understanding of the content that they are transcribing and are familiar with the relevant terminology. Where transcriptions and translations are combined, we use native speakers, allowing them to combine their knowledge of the language and the pertinent field to provide the most accurate and appropriate translations of the content.

Our team of transcribers, translators and proof-readers will work tirelessly to give you the highest quality transcriptions possible; all members of the team possess the required knowledge and qualifications to provide a guaranteed exceptional service, whatever your needs may be. We encourage growth in your business by providing high-quality written records, enabling you to duplicate, distribute or analyse them as you please. Our transcriptions are fast and confidential with a zero-mistake guarantee. Ask us for a no-obligation quote for your transcription needs and we would be more than happy to deal with your request.


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