Translation in the world of market research

The world of market research helps the suppliers of products and services to better meet the needs of their clients, whether they are the final consumers (B2C, business to consumers) or business clients (B2B, business to business). However, an important question is what types of market research translation services are used and how market research translation has become necessary to reach all markets.

To carry out market research in any industry, whether it’s biotech market research or financial, there must be a large and representative study sample that combines diverse opinions. At present, many big businesses operate in diverse markets, therefore their clients speak various languages. For this reason, translators are becoming increasingly important, not just to translate research material (surveys, reports, etc.) but also to be able to transmit collected information with the same intention and meaning as the original issuer.

 These days, one of the most active sectors in this research is medical market research translation. It’s clear that this type of research has been strengthened by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has also encouraged medical research into the recipients of services, the patients, spread throughout the world in this particular case. It is not a novelty that in both the technological and the medical-scientific fields English is the dominant language, therefore in order to reach all of these different types of consumers, businesses need Italian market research translation and Spanish market research translation; as well as these languages, they need English market research translation to be able to disseminate their findings worldwide. These businesses work with internal translators, who sometimes play the roles of interviewers, for example with external translators or translation companies to whom they outsource part of their workload or request translations of their surveys. It should be made clear that in these cases the functions of internal translators are not limited to those of a translator, sometimes they translate and sometimes they revise texts, as well as interviewing clients who participate in studies. It is worth mentioning that, as in all fields hard work pays off and many translators demonstrate this, if it is in their interests, as Project Manager, with which growth is possible in the sector.

As for translators and translation, they also have specific studies, for example, there is translation market research that analyses the industries that most require these services and translator market research which analyses the translators’ profiles, study levels and everything to do with consumer trends with the translation market. A world apart is interpretation and its services which, although it shares common features with translation and they are studied together (a degree in Translation and Interpretation), its development and scope of operation is completely different.

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