What is remote interpreting and How can it help your business?

Remote interpreting is one of the alternatives to traditional interpretation which is in increasingly more demand from businesses of every sector, event organisers, and even from the education sector and governmental entities. In this current day and age, there are many professional jobs that can be carried out remotely. Immediacy is possible thanks to new technologies and the world of translation and interpreting was not going to be one step behind.

What is Remote interpreting

Remote interpreting is the activity carried out by qualified professionals in translation and interpreting in which they interpret an audio track broadcast in a determined language, translating this in an immediate fashion into another language through telematic media. In other words, an English-Spanish qualified interpreter can be connected via a specific technological platform live to the Mobile World Congress to interpret what is being said in one of the English presentations and transmit it to another audience in the language that they understand, i.e. Spanish. The interpreter is not physically at the event venue, and because of this it is known as distance interpreting.

The flexibility of this method of interpreting allows for endless practical solutions for conferences, round tables and business master classes. In this way, for example, the company interested in the said broadcast could offer a live audio track to the audience in a room, in their native language. But they could also use the same programme of the interpreter to offer that live content online, to an audience that is not in the vicinity itself.

Differences for businesses that employ it, with respect to traditional interpretation

The demand for Remote interpreting services has been increasing in the last few years. It does not cease to grow, because there are more and more businesses who want to be in many places at once, who want to address their audiences in particular languages, and who, furthermore, want to cut costs and achieve more efficiency by reducing unnecessary travel.

We must also not forget the arrival of 5G, which will allow for a quality of telecommunications that has never been seen before.

Some of the benefits of Remote interpreting over traditional interpretation which have appealed to business owners and entrepreneurs include the following:

  1. Reduced organisation costs. Businesses do not have to invest money in renting booths for interpreters, nor do they need pay for expenditures related to travel and/or accommodation in the case of events in various cities or over a certain period of days.
  2. Pay per usage. A face-to-face interpreter charges for half a day or a full day. On the other hand, with the distance interpreting method only the minutes worked are paid.
  3. Maximum efficiency. Problems related to available hours in interpreting professionals’ timetables, and incidents that can be experienced due to modes of transport that suffer delays or similar, are eliminated. In this way, the service reaches its maximum efficiency, allowing the company to have an added benefit in terms of flexibility of organisation.
  4. Better cost control. If departures related to travel and accommodation are eliminated, which can vary a lot depending on establishments and transport companies, the business can have much better control over costs. Thus, it will be easier for the final budget not to suffer variations with the comfort and control that this involves.
  5. 5. Universal location: Enables any space to hold events without language limits.
  6. Improving image and branding. The public eye is always drawn to an innovative company. Although you may be a sector which has nothing to do with innovation, make sure your audience knows that they will be pleased with the processes you use to generate the said content. And that you will indirectly benefit from better brand recognition.

Remote interpreting: BBLTranslation is your partner

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