Theatre in English: BBLTranslation encourages learning through Madness (Sweet Madness)

Madness Sweet Madness is an award-winning play, written in English and directed by Georgina Tremayne of the Tremayne Theatre Company, playing in Barcelona on 20th November and Sitges on 21st November.
Once again BBLTranslation is actively involved in promoting “learning English through theatre” to the non-native English speaking audience by providing 135 words/phrases used in the play (translated from English into Spanish). The vocabulary lists are a proven method of bringing the language alive to people learning English. The play uses everyday expressions that span the emotions – and the expressions are often surprisingly familiar but a welcome change from a text book.
In addition to the value of learning, the audience will experience an award-winning play selected by 12 judges for performance at the 24:7 Theatre Festival in Manchester, UK. The play premiered there earlier this year in July, and was then transferred and performed at the Shiny New Festival in Liverpool. 20th November is the premiere of Madness Sweet Madness in Spain with the outstanding international cast of Dermot Flanagan (Ireland), Stella Lane (Spain), Wendy Lee Taylor (Canada), and Hunter Tremayne (England). 
Madness Sweet Madness is the story of GRACE and VESUVIUS under intense emotional strain because a member of their family has gone missing…and what subsequently happens when two strangers show up to offer unprecedented “help”. It is a real/surreal play set at 2 in the morning – at a time of night when nothing is quite as it seems. The play covers a gamut of emotions: comedy; drama; despair; love and hope.
The director, Georgina Tremayne, is very proud of the cast: “These are great actors who have brought life to their respective characters in ways that I could only have dreamed of when I wrote the play. Some parts of the work are emotionally charged and others are pure fun. It’s a mix that only works well if the cast is perfectly in tune with their characters. And through hard work and their talent, that’s what I believe we have achieved.”
Another important element of the work is its integral component: 50% of the Box Office helps: (1) Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign helping 8-year-old twins Celeste and Anael who were orphaned and now denied financial help by the Spanish State for bureaucratic reasons; (2) AADAS (Association Assistència Agredides Sexualment Dones), an association in Barcelona that fights the sexual abuse of women and children. So: award-winner; stellar actors; a fun way to hear/watch English; and a great opportunity to help 2 charities = four good reasons to mark the date in your calendar.
BBLTranslation offer this translation service to improve the audience experience and make it easy for people to understand, enjoy and at the same time learn from theatre.
Tickets are now available online for priority seating.
Tickets 20 November, Tinta Roja, Barcelona
Tickets 21 November, Sant Pere de Ribes
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