BBL Translation, proud sponsor of Cruïlla Festival 2023

At our translation and advanced language services agency for online marketing, we are very proud to announce our sponsorship of one of the most important music festivals in Barcelona. For the 13th time, we have been supporting the festival, an important event on the international cultural scene, and contributing to its reputation on an international level. We are talking about the Cruïlla Festival 2023 which will be held from 5 to 8 July at the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona.

In this 13th edition of the Cruïlla Festival 2023 there are very well-known artists as headliners. Among them, Placebo, Antònia Font, Franz Ferdinand, Sigur Ros, and many more. If you want to start humming their music, all you have to do is listen to them beforehand here.

Cruïlla Festival 2023 also crosses Barcelona’s borders

We congratulate Cruïlla Festival 2023 for wanting to take its music and culture to other areas of Catalonia, such as the Penedès and Batea. A festival very lively and active.

What brings the festival and BBLTranslation together is our passion for cultures, for territory, and for people. We both support diversity, challenge, and the discovery of new cruïlles (“crossroads” in Catalan) on which to set up a stage, not just a physical one.

On 22 and 23 April, Cruïlla will bring a little piece of its essence to Batea with the Cruïlla DO Terra Alta, offering performances by MClan, Els Amics de les Arts, La Fúmiga, and Dàmaris Gelabert. But music will not be the only protagonist, as it will be paired with a wide range of wines from this DO that can be tasted with various gastronomic offerings from the area.

Uncovering local gems

The union of gastronomy, culture and tradition doesn’t end here: the Ressons Festival by Cruïlla is coming. A festival that, from 28 to 30 April, will bring together great artists of the music scene who will perform in some twenty wine cellars and heritage and natural areas of the Alt Penedès. More than 23 stages and 40 performances in which music and wine tourism will merge to captivate all audiences thanks to a line-up that also aims to reach a family audience with children.




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