What interpreting service should I ask for

If you are a company that needs linguistic links to internationalise your business, then you need interpretation services and interpreters. This is where BBLTranslation can help you today, with this Presentation on interpreting services.

In this Presentation, we explain the main differences between the various interpreting methods available. These methods include: Simultaneous Interpreting (and within this, Chucotage); Consecutive Interpreting; Liaison Interpreting; Sign Language Interpreting, the latter of which is an exciting new opportunity for businesses.

We then advise you on which method is appropriate for each type of business event that you may organise or attend, including symposiums, meetings, seminars, conferences, press conferences, courts etc.

Furthermore, we give you tips on specifying the theme of your event so you can choose the most appropriate professionals for the interpreting service. We also give you tips on how many interpreters to use and why the preparation of these is so essential.

Finally, we also advise your company on how you can choose one to be the most suitable for your company’s context, and how you can internationalise your business in the best way possible.

We hope this Presentation proves useful to you and your enterprise.


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