How do we deal with our translation agency sustainability

As a translation agency, we mainly work online and, physically, just when we deliver interpreting services. Last year, Ovo Energy claimed that if every British person sent one fewer thank you email a day, it would save 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year, equivalent to tens of thousands of flights to Europe. Sending fewer emails can help save the planet, so we are doing our best to reduce “useless” one-line messages and we try to spend a few minutes more thinking and elaborating a message to avoid sending more e-mails adding information we could have added from the beginning. Most people think of the Internet as a cloud that exists outside their computing hardware. But the reality is when you send an email – or anything else – it goes along a chain of energy-burning electronics. We think that any company concerned about their carbon footprint, can add this measure to the other ones they are taking for a sustainable present (and future).


Picture by anncapictures from Pixabay 

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