How to grow your business on social media

In this digital age, the importance and power of social media is undeniable. That’s why for a business to grow today, there is no doubt that companies require some form of online presence. Currently, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are at the touch of a screen for more than 3 billion users worldwide. So, if your business hasn’t already moved itself on to a digital platform, there is a huge consumer opportunity going to waste from right under your nose!

This article provides some of the most important aspects to keep in mind when running a business on social media, so you can keep up to date with a platform that is constantly evolving so you can get your name out there digitally.

Brand awareness

Whether your business is selling a product or service, by moving onto social media, the ability to connect with a much larger consumer audience is immediate. Networks like Facebook and Instagram offer the ability to create business pages and accounts for free. These types of business pages offer exclusive tools for their users including advertising opportunities. As Facebook is the world’s leading social media network with more than 3.2 billion active users worldwide, this is definitely a recommended place to begin marketing your business. Regardless of whether your brand already operates using other forms of social media, as Facebook generates high-traffic to its platform daily, this is potential high-traffic that your business could be missing out on.


As a business, marketing shouldn’t be anything new to you, but being in tune with how social media marketing works is a must if your company wishes to reach the highest possible audience and gain the most impact. These areas range from the content posted, the hashtags used and even the time of the day said posts are uploaded.

  • Content: Being a regular content-uploader is a must if you want ever-growing engagement with your business. By uploading frequently, it allows your brand to become more memorable to your following and allow them to form as much a personal relationship possible with you online
  • Hashtags: First introduced to Twitter in 2007, the hashtag phenomenon has transformed the way in which material is engaged with on social media over the years; allowing users to connect with specific content. As a business, you should be using hashtags that are popular amongst users that represent you as a brand to ensure maximised exposure to potential consumers. Another important thing to keep in mind is to stay up to date with trending topics and whether you can join in on the conversation within reason. This in-turn allows your business enhanced exposure on pages accessed by high traffic all over the world.
  • Time: The time content is posted is another factor which greatly determines how much engagement your business receives on social media. Platforms like Instagram offer business-account analytics which allow you to see information such as: the demographic of your followers, which countries engage most with your posts and at what time your followers are most active. With these tools, Instagram has done all the work for you so all you need to do is act accordingly with that information.
  • Top-tip: If your following is based largely in a different time zone to you, there are medias available which are able to automatically post your content for you at a specified time!


Social media is also a great tool to evolve yourself to be recognisable against other businesses in your field. You can see how top competitors market themselves to their following as well as take note of the areas where they may lack where you thrive. This allows you to know which areas of your brand must be highlighted to potential consumers on social media to make a distinct name for your company and help you stand out from the crowd.  

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