How to maximise your selling potential with a good translation

You see opportunities for your company in foreign markets and you are thinking of translating your website, marketing collateral, or other materials. How can you tell if translation would be a good investment for your business? Well, in order to do that, you first have to understand the many ways in which translation can provide returns for you.

 When selling products and services online, there is a real barrier to entry for websites that are not in the native language of the consumer. This creates difficulty to break into some markets if your site is in one language only. By investing in a good translation of your product or services, you automatically expand the consumer base you are able to reach. This means you can increase the sales of your business by reaching out to new markets.

Why is it important to translate your website?

If your site is in one language only you cannot attack traffic into it, as the key search words are in a different language meaning your site is not appearing in the market. Furthermore, customers will be less likely to purchase from your site if it is not in their native language, meaning traffic is not converted to sales. When your website is entered, all you can see are pictures and words, with words being the communicative side of your online business, making people buy.

      You put a lot of thought into presenting your goods and services to potential customers, but if you don’t translate those materials, you’ll have no control over how your offerings are presented in foreign markets. Translation will take place, whether by word of mouth or through translations by local distributors, and bad or misleading information may spread, harming your company’s reputation and its sales prospects.

What makes a good translation?

A good translation is not one that follows it to the letter. Rather, it captures the spirit of the text and replicates it in the translation drawing resources of the target language. A good translation cares for what is written between the lines, essential to guarantee the highest market reach for your business.

      Furthermore, when translating your site, you want to ensure that you are hiring professional translators who know what keywords to use in order to increase the traffic. It’s necessary not only to translate the words into the target language but also to ensure the content is suitable for the market in that language. Here at BBLTranslation, we ensure thoughtful editing and proofreading of every translation, guaranteeing not only that the translated text is loyal to the original but also that it fits best for sales.

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