Translation & remote working- how the two go hand in hand

Translation and remote working can complement each other very well. Remote work doesn’t have to just mean working from home- if circumstances allow, it can mean working from anywhere in the world with people who are also working from anywhere in the world. Translation requires more than just the ability to speak two or more languages. It also involves cultural knowledge, subject knowledge and contextual knowledge.

Of course, being a translator can open doors to job opportunities all over the world, either with different companies or as a freelancer; but beyond this, the skills required to be a good translator are transferrable and can be applied in many different contexts. The levels of versatility, competence and precision possessed by translators are invaluable.

Many companies look to broaden their scope and enter new markets and the familiarity with other languages, cultures and markets provided by an experienced translator is imperative in helping them achieve this. With this in mind, remote consultancy work could be a viable option for someone with translation experience looking to branch out.

Additionally, a global mindset can prove particularly useful when living or working abroad. When looking to establish a business in another country, existing knowledge of the field in one’s native country combined with localisation skills and appreciation for the new culture could be the key to the business’ success.

Such skills can still be utilised, even without relocating to another country. Working remotely with a company based abroad could prove challenging to somebody who has no grasp of the nuances and norms of the country in which their company operates.  A translator, however, is likely to be more attuned to such things and will possess a greater understanding of what is expected of them and what to expect of the experience.

 Though remote work may not be for everyone, if it is something that you have contemplated it is worth considering how your existing job or skills can be adapted to a new style of work. There are many sites that can help the remote-job-hunting process, as well as sites, such as Swap My Office, that facilitate remote work in different locations. Swap My Office allows members to exchange offices and/or homes around the globe, which allows for real cultural immersion and eradicates accommodation costs. Why not discover how you can develop your career whilst exploring new ways of working?


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