Case study– Who are our specialist finance translators?


The labels that apply to the practice of translation in the field of economics and business are different. On the one hand, we have the terms economic translation (or translation of economic texts) or commercial translation, which can be understood broadly: translation in the field of economy and business; other times economic translation is referred to as a somewhat more restricted practice, works that have to do with theoretical works on economics and specialised articles.

                       The area of translation with which we live daily is, without a doubt, that of economic or commercial texts, related to the day-to-day world of business. This specialisation is especially related to commercial operations (commercial websites for the promotion of products and services on international markets, payments documents, guarantees, transport documents, invoices, etc.), but also with the documents that are used in financial communication (annual reports, technical and fundamental stock-market analysis, bank documents, audit reports, etc.).

            It is therefore a group of documents that share very similar forms and functions with a very restricted and specialised terminology, that is not within the range of just any speaker, even if they are native. Beyond the peculiarities of specialised translation from a general point of view, financial translation has its own, which in turn require a number of specific competencies on the professional translator’s part. It is not enough to simply know the terminology of the field of finance; vast knowledge of the sector is also required, simply to be able to understand everything that there is to translate. Having poorly translated financial communication documents would have a very negative impact, as it could result in losses of money generated by the transmission of an incorrect message.

            Therefore, financial translation belongs to the field of specialised translation. If you want to translate your financial documents to other languages, you should use native speakers specialised in the financial field, to guarantee a loyal and professional translation.

Here at BBLTranslation we work with the best professionals who specialise in financial translation, who would have no difficulty restoring the message with appropriate terms. They are translators who are also experts in finance, as they have training, for example, Masters in Finance (including Quantitative Finance and Structured Products), Specialisation in Business Valuation, Financial Instruments Analyst.

Our clients are usually law firms, banks, notaries, consultants, auditing firms, tax, legal and transaction advisory firms and restructuring firms for national and multinational organisations in various sectors. We have experience in working with financial and disclosure analysis, structured municipal bond issues, leasing transactions and tax; public and private equity and debt offerings translations, acquisitions and divestitures, securities compliance reports translations.

If you are one of these and you are looking for a specialised provider with solid experience in the legal and financial sector, then we are the perfect choice, thanks to our meticulous attention to detail, meaning and quality of translation.

Ask us for a no-obligation quote and we will be glad to deal with your request.

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