What are the advantages of blockchain certification for companies?

The documentary field is very wide and includes uncountable types of documents.

One of the most important aspects related with a document is the verification of its existence and content. This is now possible, thanks to one of the latest technology on the internet: blockchain.

Blockchain certification is an authentication and validation process that allows companies to save money on notary high fees or sworn translation cost, depending on the case.

A notary can certify company internal documents and deeds that are benefited from having an endorsed date and immutability in time. For example, meeting records can be stored and signed according to the principles of transparency, traceability and publicity – all of which, thanks to a unique digital fingerprint.

Once inscribed in this shared record, the operation becomes immutable and, alongside other ones, is included in a block of data maintaining a strict chronological order with other similar blocks and making together an incorruptible and unchangeable blockchain.

Blockchain certification works by inscribing one or more hashes inside of a transaction, to be later recorded within the blockchain.

Thanks to recent European and national legislation, blockchain certification has achieved evidential value in the courts and, therefore, blockchain notarization can certify the existence, contents and origin of a document before a judge.

What kind of documents can be blockchain certified?

– Shareholder agreements

– Intangible assets neither registered nor deposited (brands, technical drawings, databases, information reports, protocols, know-how elements).

– Any document that contains information about employees’ health

– Employees’ academic certifications, master degrees and academic research.

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