What do clients look for in a translation and interpretation agency?

The translation and interpretation sector is a very specific professional field which requires a high level of accuracy in all aspects of the tasks carried out. Working with original material can be difficult in itself, but having to translate or interpret this information into another language calls for even more precision. If this is not the case, the message will not reach the recipient with the same meaning and intention as the original.
Professional translation and interpretation agencies undertake to maintain this high level of quality in their services in order to provide the utmost professionalism and accuracy for their clients. They also work to avoid the prevalent trend of the profession being practiced by unqualified companies and professionals, leading to low-cost services but inferior results, which can cause problems for clients.
However, what does a client look for in a translation and interpretation agency? Here is a list of the main characteristics:

  • Accredited professionals: the idea of professionalism is essential for a quality translation and interpretation agency. To ensure professionalism, a good agency must have accredited professionals with as much training as possible in the field of translation and interpretation, as well as plenty of experience. This will guarantee that a service is carried out with the thoroughness necessary for translations and interpretations of material which is usually important.
  • Punctual services: punctuality is a trait that all clients appreciate and it can be a motive for deciding whether or not to use the agency. As punctuality is a deciding factor, from the first draft of the tasks that must be carried out, it is important that all of the phrases, translations and proofread documents are delivered by the deadlines agreed with the client.
  • Ability to manage urgent tasks: requests for translations and interpretations can sometimes occur unexpectedly and thus require a rapid response from the agency. A clear illustration of this would be the translation of a medical report for someone who has had a problem with their health whilst abroad. Having the ability to manage urgent tasks is something that is highly valued by clients.
  • Variety of services: as a client, having access to an agency that offers a wide range of services brings peace of mind whatever their needs. Here at BBLTranslation, for example, we offer a very wide variety of services designed for all sectors (economic, medical, legal, tourism, social, etc.). Within this variety, the number of languages that the agency works with must also be included, as well as the types of translation (medical, certified, etc.) or interpretation (consecutive, liaison, sign language, etc.).
  • Certified translation service: within translation services, certified translation is one of the services in highest demand by clients and at the same time one of those which requires the most precision. Handling any form of legal information is very complex and thus having accredited, trained professionals who are authorised by the corresponding institutions is a requirement.
  • Competitive prices: a professional and high-quality job comes at a price, and the client is aware of this. If this cost reflects competitive pricing and market rates, the client will not hesitate in using the agency.
  • Rapid communication: finally, clients highly value the possibility of having daily communication with the agency that is prompt and consistent. This way, doubts can be clarified, processes can be improved and progress can be monitored.

At BBLTranslation we work tirelessly to ensure we possess all of these important characteristics which maintain the professionalism and quality of the agency’s services. Many clients entrust their tasks with us, and we are certain that the high standards to which we hold ourselves allow our work to be of optimal quality, and our clients agree.