Due to the new coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we must be appropriately informed on what it is, what the symptoms are, and what the preventive measures aimed at guaranteeing the health and safety of people are.

Nowadays, more and more companies have a multicultural staff or receive visits from clients of other countries. Because of this, it is important to translate all the documentation with the measures that the workforce, or third parties that access the company’s facilities, must comply with.

For example, the following types of documents may need to be translated into multiple languages:

  • Policies and procedures to access offices due to COVID-19
  • Safety policies and procedures on returning to work during COVID-19
  • Policies and procedures on actions to take due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

 If you want to save on the cost of translation, but at the same time explain concepts and present data in a way that is more effective and appealing, we at BBLTRANSLATION recommend the use of infographics and informative posters to spread useful guidelines amongst employees and visitors to the company’s facilities.

Generally, in the case of infographics, images (icons, graphics, comic strips, maps) take up more space than texts. They allow the reader to quickly understand the instructions given and also the text to translate is limited, which means savings in translation costs.

At BBLTRANSLATION, we have proven experience in translation in the medical and pharmaceutical field backed by our clients. In addition, our manager Barbara Beatrice Lavitola knows this sector very well as an alumna of Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London.

It is important to highlight that due to its complexity, specialised translation requires a deep knowledge of the area and its different branches. Each translation requires rigour, accuracy and clarity, but even more so in clinical trial procedures or medical documentation, since one mistake can have serious consequences and even endanger someone’s life.

We guarantee a quality service carried out by native translators and experts in medical and pharmaceutical translation, capable of understanding the different technicalities and concepts that each text requires.

In addition, we have the best interpreters for conferences, presentations, corporate events, liaison translations for medical visits, etc. and we offer sworn translation services.

Now more than ever, we would like to be as supportive as our competences allow us in helping you protect your employees and your business.


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