Why is it essential to have a sworn translation of your university degree?

Does a sworn translation of a university degree sound like something you’ve heard before?
Do you want to know why it is essential to process it rigorously? Learn that every act has its
consequences with this little story, Juan’s story.

The sworn translation of a university degree: discover its importance

Juan lived in Barcelona and was about to graduate in Advertising. Studying on his course was
Kate; a tall, blonde, reserved Erasmus student from England that used to wear oversized
jumpers that were too long for her. She was very pretty and Juan was too shy to talk to her.
On one of their final Brand Management assessments, their professor urged students to do it
in pairs and coincidentally, on the day the pairs were formed, neither Juan nor Kate had
attended class. Juan had fallen asleep after coming back from a night out and overslept and
Kate was home ill with a cold. Since both were absent and the rest of the class had paired up,
the teacher decided to put them together. When Juan received the email informing him of the
circumstances, he began to panic slightly. He liked Kate, but she probably didn’t even know he
existed. How on earth would they be able to work together without her noticing he was
smitten with her?
It turned out that Kate did know who he was. The first couple days they met up to work on the
project, she talked to him about just how much she like the Breaking Bad shirt that he’d often
wear to class. Since that year was when TV’s were broadcasting the last season of the series,
they began meeting up to watch the new episodes together. Kate was an introvert and hadn’t
made many friends in Spain, so she appreciated the company. Bit by bit, they started falling in
love. Their personalities were polar opposites, but they complemented each other perfectly.
Kate was disciplined and Juan was chaotic and disorganised. “You’re such a mess”, she used to
say to him. But, still, they loved each other. The teacher gave them a 90% on their Brand
Management assessment and that night, they went out to celebrate and ended up spending
the night together.
The end of the semester was nearing which meant Kate had less and less time before she had
to return to the UK. Juan was afraid of losing her, so he asked his dad, for financial aid to help
pay for a Masters in Branding and Advertising in Nottingham, where Kate lived.

A Bump in the road

At the end of his course, he had almost everything ready to send off his Masters application.
Only one thing was missing: the sworn translation of his university degree. It is an essential
document to further your studies or to recognise a degree in another country. Juan was in
charge of the translation of the official document, but his level of English was worse than
Kate’s level of Spanish. Even though she offered to help him out, he kept on postponing it. In
June, Kate headed back home in the hopes of seeing Juan in September when, he too, would
be moving to Nottingham. But, as he was so disorganized, he filed the sworn translation on the last day of the term, aided by Google Translate. A sworn translation of a university degree is no
joke as it is examined with great detail by the relevant academic authorities. Nottingham
Business School denied access to Juan as a result of the dismal translation and the poor
presentation of the document. Understandably, Kate was upset. Embarrassed, Juan didn’t
know what to say to her. The couple never saw each other again.
Nowadays, Juan works in online marketing and copywriting for several different companies.
From time to time, he checks Kate’s Facebook page and he deeply regrets being so careless. If
you don’t want the same thing to happen to you, leave the sworn translation of your university
degree in the hands of a professional.
P.S. K., if you’re reading this, I just wanted to tell you that I’ve improved my level of English and
that I’m no longer a mess. I hope you’ve forgiven me, although I’m yet to forgive myself.