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English language is the most used in a business environment. According to Alexika.com, English was named as the most important business language in the World in 2018, topping Chinese and Spanish and accounting for nearly 21% of the World’s GDP

Both native speakers and foreigners communicate in English, but are they always sure that they are delivering a high quality, error error-free piece of work?

In the context of delivering a business presentation, one runs the risk of being taken less seriously by their clients or partners if they haven’t had their texts proofread beforehand, and thus, this could have a detrimental effect to their company’s image and reputation, jeopardizing their business altogether. All it can take is the simple absence of a comma or a miss-spelling of a word and the meaning of a sentence can completely change, reflecting badly on the person/people giving the presentation.

Native speakers produce texts to the best of their ability and knowledge but a “fresh pair of eyes” are much more likely to detect mistakes that may have been missed by the writer.

This is where the role of the proof-reader is crucial. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting and websites links are just a few of the elements a proof-reader will meticulously scrutinize when checking a text for errors and inconsistencies. It really can be a painstaking process.

Furthermore, with the creation of machine translations in recent years, one could assume mistakes are less likely to be generated, but the fact is, these CAT tools are simply not fool-proof, and require human intervention in the proofreading stage. More so now than ever, the role of the proof-reader is vital in delivering translations without errors.

Accurate renderings create a positive impact on the audience of business presentations as it conveys how articulate and comprehensive the business is.

At BBLTranslation we have a professional and dedicated team of translators and proof-readers who work together to produce and deliver accurate content for our clients.

For the whole month of November, we’ll be happy to proof your English presentation for €45 whatever the length!

Don’t make mistakes for so little money and show off at your next business presentation!

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