BBL Brings Expert Local Knowledge to Print Media Exhibition

April 17-20 sees the arrival in Barcelona of 2013, the international print media exhibition. The four-yearly event takes place at the Gran Via Exhibition Centre of Fira Barcelona and will be attended by industry leaders from a range of related sectors.

Bibielle Global Translations S.L. (BBLTRANSLATION) provides translation and localisation services to international print media. As marketing and communication campaigns extend beyond single local markets, it is vital for companies to ensure that the words and images that they use are understood as intended by the target audience.

Mobile and audiovisual media have grown in importance in recent years but print remains an essential tool for communication. While much of the exhibition will focus on cutting-edge technological developments and new graphical products, the real power of print lies in the selection of effective words and images.

BLTRANSLATION applies expert local knowledge to brand names, slogans, images, icons, logos, packaging, poster campaigns and more to prevent costly cultural misunderstandings.

Localisation means adapting features to suit a particular ‘locale’, which is in turn understood as a market segment defined by criteria including language, currency, and perhaps educational level or income bracket, depending on the nature of the communication.

The importance of quality translation is widely understood but other elements are often overlooked. Analysis of print media before publication by localisation experts can increase the effectiveness of advertising and avoid causing inadvertent offence. It is an essential and cost-effective step in any type of international communication campaign.

As a leading provider of cross-cultural communication solutions and consultancy services, BBLTRANSLATION will be in attendance at 2013.

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