BBLTranslation supports the International Union for the Defence of Motorcyclists

As a supporter of the International Union for the Defence of Motorcyclists, our company was pleased to translate the union’s official call for the demonstration of motorcyclists scheduled for 2nd December 2018.

The International Motorcycle Union is a social movement that defends motorcyclists and their rights, constantly working to improve their safety, to reduce the number of accidents and to claim optimum conditions for motorcyclists’ road driving.

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Courtesy Translation of the official call for the demonstration of motorcyclists

The associations “Unión Internacional para la Defensa de los Motociclistas” and “Agrupación Motera Catalana”, relying on the support of the motorcycle users’ union in view of the trends in the mobility policies of the Town Hall of Barcelona, which is not realising what the motorcycle, as a vehicle, contributes to a large city and wrongly believes that the problems of road accidents by motorcycles are not morally solved by reducing the use of motorcycles, call for


 On the day of 2nd December at 11:30am

 La Marbella. Parking zone of the beach on the promenade.

WE REQUEST the application of 10 measures to promote motorcycle safely.

 That the motorcycle is understood as a solution of mobility in Barcelona, not being subject to circulatory restrictions which do not meet the reality and necessity of the residents.

  1. That efficient road safety plans are activated and executed for the reduction of accidents, based on risk assessment and the profound investigation of road accidents.
  2. That the legal framework is respected when it comes to road safety in general and of signposting of infrastructures in particular, paying special attention to the coefficients of friction, obstacles and ways of separating the bike lane, traffic light cycles, roadwork signs, etc
  3. That special motorbike lanes are set up from the entrance of the city of Barcelona, in certain roads and widths of lane, in roads of various lanes, for the filtering up to the advanced line of stoppage.
  4. That the number of motorcycle parking zones are increased in spaces with smart strategies.
  5. That anti-theft systems of motorcycles are installed, for example locking rings or similar.
  6. That the use of the bus lane is permitted on certain roads.
  7. That campaigns on peripheral vision and risk filtering during driving are activated for all types of drivers, including motorcyclists.
  8. That campaigns for all drivers on traffic light discipline are activated.
  9. That a technical panel of special work on the safety of motorcyclists is opened, with the organised associative structure, for their technical debate, consensus and decision-making.

We remind all residents and public administrations that the motorbike forms part of the solution, not of the problem.

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 Courtesy translation by BBLTranslation