Business blogs in various languages: a new opportunity is waiting for you

You will most certainly have read in many places that content is the king of Google. In reality, every business should concern themselves with the dynamic of search engines, given that thanks to a good online position they could have many potential clients accessing their webpages. And website visits are the first key to creating strategies of branding, attraction, sales and even earning loyalty. Therefore, to have a business blog is fundamental. And if in your case, you sell or search for recognition in various markets with different languages, then you will need a professional who can not only be entrusted with translating your webpage but also the content of your blog itself.

Business blogs: get Google to fall in love with you and win your audience’s heart with Content Marketing

Content marketing is based on your strategy in a business blog, amongst other foundations. That’s why, if you want to start obtaining true results of improvement from your visits and clients on your webpage, this may be a good first step. Take into account that in order for your blog to achieve its objective, at least three factors must be given:

  • A basic initial SEO (search engine optimisation).
  • Quality content that convinces the user.
  • A professional translation of the site into other languages.

If one of these three basic points is not achieved, your business blog will not be making the most of its potential. In the first case, you will not achieve better positions in search engines. If this happens, the number of visits to your webpage will be limited. In the second case, although it may be that Google initially convinces you, you will not convince your users. And these bounce visits will end up influencing your position. In the third case, the adaptation of content to other languages must be professional, at least if you do not want to harm your brand image or be perceived negatively by the audiences of other countries. For all these reasons, start by developing a specific plan and start 2019 with a business blog, perfect for transforming your business.

How can BBLTranslation help you with your business blog?

In our translation agency we have carried out different projects in which the business blog of the company was at the centre of the strategy. Through years of experience, we have designed specific tailor-made services to cover a growing need of businesses and

which offer good results like online marketing action. We would like you to present your project to us in order for us to study customised solutions, although some solutions which we will show you now are those with the most success rate amongst our clients:

  • Copytranslation service. This is a very interesting option for blogs. With this, our specialist translators are not limited to literal translation, but opt for creativity and for the incorporation of specific formulae of the other country’s language and culture to provide the text with better naturality and to encourage engagement.
  • You choose the translation. In this case, you can use our form BBLeasy in which you send us a proposal of a price for a certain project. If you accept us, we will contact you to agree the other terms and the times of delivery with you. See how easy it is!
  • Editing and proof-reading of non-professional translations. If you already have someone within your company who takes care of translations, but is not native, it could be that you are interested in this offer to improve your business blog. In this case, our team will check each one of your texts, offering idiomatic solutions appropriate for your target and correcting errors and/or forms of use that are not recommended. Your translation will end up perfect!


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