How can your smartphone help you with English pronunciation?

Technology is becoming ever more important in today’s world, and it is an essential part of daily life. This is especially the case with mobile phones as they can do so much and can be very helpful. For example, smartphones can actually help with improving your English pronunciation by using the dictate function. Although many people are not aware of this function, it is already on your smartphone when you buy one and therefore free to use.

How the dictate function works

The way this function works is you hit the microphone key on your smartphone and speak into your phone and then the phone transcribes what you have said, and your words will appear on the screen.

You can write using different applications: Word documents, WhatsApp, YouTube, Notes, etc.

It’s like a virtual keyboard. You can use this function for almost anything on your phone, for example you can use it to type messages, write notes, reminders or write things like tweets. Also, there are multiple dialects of English so you can speak in an American accent or British accent and it will still be able to understand what you have said.

 Benefits of the dictate function

There are many benefits to this, such as it produces fewer mistakes and it works a lot faster than typing out messages, especially ones that are really long. Therefore, using this dictate function would be able to save you a lot of time and allow you to send your messages much quicker. Also, one of the best advantages is that it helps with English pronunciation because it is a very good and useful way to practice speaking the language, which over time will improve your English accent and make you more confident when speaking English. The useful thing is that you can also listen to the proper pronunciation by pressing the ‘read’ function and therefore you can see whether you have pronounced things in the correct way, and if not you will be able to learn the right way to say certain words.

Overall, although the dictate function is not widely known about, it is incredibly useful and it is a good idea to start using it to type messages and write notes on your phone because then you will be practicing your English pronunciation and overtime you will see an improvement.  

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