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The jet or the Jets? How Taylor Swift changed Google search results in her favour.

The singer managed to change in the real world what is said about her in the Internet world.

In a nutshell, she participated in the real world in an event related to the same keywords as something she is (or rather now was) highly criticised for online, and in doing so managed to change the Google search results for those same keywords. In short, she reverse engineered the world’s most powerful search engine.

The secret to this Internet-conquering move is her relationship with Travis Kelce.

Let us explain: one of the few reasons why Swift is not unconditionally loved by everyone is because of how much she uses her private plane (or jet), on which she travels practically everywhere, with plenty of polluting emissions and a shower of criticism trailing behind her. As with other celebrities, there are even pages on social media (this is one) that follow her daily movements.

By searching for ‘taylor swift jet’ or ‘taylor swift jets’ on Google, what comes up is precisely a snapshot of this situation: articles on the CO2 emissions of the singer’s jet, lists of all the places she has been and the alternative means by which she could have reached them, and so on. That is, this is actually what came up before Swift did what she did.

For some time now, at least according to the well-informed, the singer has been romantically involved with a certain Travis Kelce, American football player for the Kansas City Chiefs. He goes to her concerts, she goes to his games, and where did the Chiefs play a few days ago? In New York. And what just happens to be the name of the Big Apple’s American football team? The New York Jets. So, now what comes up if you google ‘taylor swift jet’ or ‘taylor swift jets’? That of the controversies, the criticisms and the CO2 emissions are nowhere to be seen, and in fact what does come up, even in Italian and even in the News section, is mostly gossip: Taylor’s love for Travis, what she did at the game, what she said, what his teammates said about him and so on. So much for the environmentalists.

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