The importance of Urdu as a European business language

Business internationalisation is a key subject in national events such as ICEX, and in other trade shows renowned in the European sphere. The fact is that globalisation and the use of English as a business language in the world are losing efficiency in connecting with local audiences in certain places on the planet. A good example of this can be demonstrated with the importance that the Urdu language now has for European companies.

Urdu is in the Top 20 most spoken languages in the world

The fact that Urdu is becoming increasingly more interesting for many businesses with European headquarters is not a trivial matter. In reality, it is one of the most relevant languages to corner the Asian part of the market. Some of these figures will make sure your business is no longer indifferent towards Urdu:

  • Almost always speaking in general terms of languages, those that are more important are usually those that have more people who speak it. The figures of Urdu are currently climbing up to 104 million speakers in total.
  • Another relevant matter is the number of countries in which a particular language is spoken. In the case of Urdu, this data is also very relevant for companies. In fact, this language is official in Pakistan. It is also official in every region in western India, and in some central regions of the country. At the same time, it is spoken in Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
  • The last figure that we would like to point out about this language and its significance in terms of businesses are the millions of people who live in those four countries, as well as the level of development which is currently being found in those nations. This means that practically every business sector could find itself in a much more interesting space to offer products and services, as well as for key imports of both raw materials and finished products.

The relevance of Asia for some business sectors and Urdu as a language of communication

It is certain that Asia is a continent in which very varied nationalities and cultures exist. Each market is very different to another and the adaptation, not only idiomatic but cultural, has to be prioritised for European businesses to be able to achieve a connection with the appropriate audience, without having to produce interferences.

Urdu as a language is one of the languages most currently in demand because it allows the audience to reach B2C as well as B2B in different sectors and in different countries. In fact, for many companies this becomes one of the starting points for their long-term goals of cornering more Asian markets.

At BBLTranslation we have highlighted the importance of Urdu as a language of internationalisation in European businesses on previous occasions. There are many businesses that we have already helped with translations and even with interpretations at certain events. Our company has a team of native translators capable of transmitting the essence of your business, adapting it to the cultural and idiomatic context of Urdu. Therefore, if you are searching for a partner to continue your growth as a business and are thinking of one in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India or Bangladesh, consult us at your discretion.

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