BBL Translation moves in next door to the Barcelona passport office

During this week, the BBL Translation offices will have a new home in Barcelona. From this February, we will be based at calle Balmes 188, just next to Av. Diagonal. It is a very important change as we will now be right by the side of the Police Station at Balmes 192 which is responsible for handling and processing passports. This means that anybody in need of a certified translation of their passport, or indeed other official documents, to be processed at the police station, will be able to benefit from our translation services, rapidly and efficiently, without having to travel to another area of the city.
As you know, a certified translation is an essential and mandatory requirement when presenting translations of official and valid documents for all legal purposes. It must be carried out by a sworn translator or certified translator and submitted bearing the seal and signature of this translator. Through this process, the document acquires the same legal validity as the original.
At BBLTranslation we provide this service to major law firms, companies and also to individuals who require a translation of, for example, their passport or any other official documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates, legal reports, contracts, opinions, public tenders, bids, reserved offers, international adoption documents, as well as academic and professional qualifications that need official approval, etc. In all cases, the documentation will be delivered to the client on paper, stamped and signed by the sworn translator.
Our new location next to the police headquarters where passports are processed will be convenient for all individuals seeking the services that we provide. In addition, we are also situated in a more central area of ​​the city to facilitate these procedures for both corporate and individual clients within the same area of ​​Barcelona.