BBLTranslation with the collaborators of the International Union for the Defence of Motorcyclists

The International Motorcycle Union is a social project that defends motorcyclists and their rights, working on a daily basis to improve their safety, to reduce the number of victims and, where necessary, to claim optimum conditions for motorcyclists’ road driving.

We at BBLTranslation rely on a close link with the motoring world, and are official collaborators with the International International Motorcycle Union. As well as supporting its initiatives, we offer all the group’s members a 10% discount on any translation or interpreting services they may need, for example safety policy or accident report translations.

Let us remember when travelling outside of Europe using any type of vehicle, it is important to be able to rely on the translation of the driving license and vehicle documentation into the destination country’s language. In this way, the formalities with public administrations or with other vehicles will be quicker and easier should the driver encounter any accidents or unpleasant surprises while on the road.

BBLTranslation is also the sponsor of Empresarios Bikers: an association made for professionals who combine their status as business executives with a passion for motorbikes.