Cruïlla Barcelona opens its doors to all thanks to its multilingual content

BARCELONA, SPAIN – Picture it: all your favorite bands and performing artists in one place, with live entertainment and a whole slew of extra activities to keep the party going – all set in the most amazing city in the world. Now your dream can come true with Cruïlla Barcelona. As Barcelona gears up for this spectacular summer festival, BBLTranslation has been working hard behind the scenes to help Cruïlla with all their translation needs in order to make the content and the concert itself accessible to all.


Cruïlla Barcelona is an international festival with acts from across the globe. With a multitude of English-speaking headliners, like Kendrick Lamar and Of Monsters and Men, having a fully functional English portion to the festival’s website is of the utmost importance. English-speakers from all over Spain, as well as Europe as a whole are now able to access all the important information that the Cruïlla site has to offer, which is more than music!


From the main BBL office in Barcelona, staff has been working around the clock to help Cruïlla make this a possibility. From video subtitles to web content, BBLTranslation has been helping the festival at every step of the way, offering their acclaimed comprehensive customer care package and guaranteeing flawless, native-sounding translations. Being in the spotlight among so many English-speaking concertgoers, it’s no wonder Cruïlla Barcelona deserved the best for their multilingual content.


BBLTranslation is honored to sponsor all of Cruïlla Barcelona’s English translation, and has been more than happy to help make it easier to open doors to more spectators across the country. Without BBL’s help, English-speaking spectators wouldn’t know about all the amazing opportunities available at Cruïlla. From Castellers to Beefeater In-Edit’s musical documentary, to the introduction of smart wristbands, fans from all over can now take advantage of all that Cruïlla has to offer. It’s just one more way for BBLTranslation to help create a globalized, more united world.


To find more information about Cruïlla Barcelona, take a look at their website at For more information about BBLTranslation, or to find help with your own translation needs in any language, please visit the BBL website at


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