Euro Attractions Show 2018: An insight into the importance and internationality of the attractions Industry Marketplace

From 25 to 27 September 2018, the most prestigious protagonists in the entertainment and leisure industry met in the RAI convention centre in Amsterdam, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the IAAPA association.

The numbers reached have beaten every record in the event’s history: more than 10,000 participants and a layout of 15,000 m2 to accommodate every stand at the amusement park industry exhibition. Amusement parks include theme parks, water parks and zoological parks.

To participate in an IAAPA exhibition is much more than attending an exhibition within the sector: thanks to its extensive conference programme, the experience of the visitor is very well-rounded and they acquire a greater level of knowledge, whilst being able to go on trips to establishments in the sector outside the exhibition site, and attending discussion forums and seminars. The industry of the leisure and entertainment field encompasses: the latest news within the sector, security, sustainability, technology, sales, retailtainment and marketing.

From the lively city of Amsterdam, BBLTRANSLATION- member of the IAAPA and always aware of new developments within the sector- imparts us with pearls of wisdom, intending to bring knowledge to the sector on an international level.

The conference Retailtainment – When Retail Meets Leisure, led by Massimiliano Freddi (VP Strategic Development, Leolandia) is a demonstration of how the experts in the industry increasingly aim to improve the shopping experience at the sales outlet.

Fun is becoming an active part of the mission and vision of the retailer, whose objective is for the consumer to stay for as long as possible in the park’s facilities, to enjoy the sales outlet from that moment onwards, to participate in an experience that surprises them, and therefore to link themselves emotionally to the brand. Retailtainment, a word that combines entertainment and retail sales (retail + entertainment), is an Anglicism widely used in the international marketing sphere, a term whose translation into other languages would not be direct, but would involve writing more words down to define exactly what it is. Whilst talking about Retailtainment, it is fitting to mention the enriching speakers of this conference: Ingrid Grimbergen, Marketing Advisor, Bright Buildings, and Steven Putzeys, Operations Manager Leisure and Entertainment, M.H. Alshaya.


It is interesting to note another English term which does not have a directly translatable equivalent into other languages and which can neither be translated in a literal manner: Dark ride! Dark ride can be defined as an experience in which the passengers on board of guided vehicles move through scenes filled with sound, light, music, animation and special effects.

BBLTRANSLATION has had the pleasure of speaking with Rich Hill, the Creative Director of Sally Corporations, who is very well-renowned in the sector, with dark rides such as “The Walking Dead: Battle for Survival”, “Five Nights at Freddy’s!“, and many more. The power of technology in these dark rides and the way the users interact with the ride is astonishing.

BBLTRANSLATION was pleasantly surprised by the success earned at the 2018 EAS Exhibition in Amsterdam and is preparing itself for the next edition of the EAS 2019, which will be celebrated from the 15 to the 19 September at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles (France).

BBLTRANSLATION is a translation agency specialising in the leisure and entertainment industry, capable of carrying out copytranslations (translations which are especially creative, focused on the client’s business) of commercial brochures, menus, flyers etc. in the main European and Asian languages. Amongst its main clients are: amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, and businesses that offer photographic solutions for rides and attractions.

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