BBLTranslation and Trevor team success story

The comedy-drama feature film Trevor was shot and produced in Catalonia, Spain, and went on to be selected for two international film festivals at the height of the pandemic, right around the time we were all locked down and the cinema crashed.

But since then, Trevor has found a new lease of life to reach audiences far and wide through Filmhub, a film aggregator that currently works with 100+ channels worldwide and is constantly expanding. Filmhub requires absolutely top tech specs to be listed and pitched to their channels – and one key requirement is subtitles.

For any film to play in a country, the language of the country must be available as a subtitle option.  So the Trevor team contacted BBLTranslation to get the job done because bad translations = no listing on Filmhub, and little to zero chance of ever getting the film out there.

First up: we went to Rev, a professional service that transcribes the film’s audio to English subtitles. And in case you’re new to this, every single element has to be included. Even the smallest things like “sound of bottles rattling” because if it’s not there, the film is rejected.

Next stop: over to BBLTranslation, where we ordered the best-in-the-business translators and translations from English to French, English to Spanish-Spain, English to Spanish-Latin America, English to Portuguese-Portugal, and English to Portuguese-Brazil.

BBLTranslation found top people to do the work. Often they were academics working in universities with experience in film subtitling, and key translators who understand the subtitle layout e.g. don’t exceed 25 characters on a line because people can’t comfortably read more than that if they are watching the action on the screen at the same time. 

The result?

Trevor has just been accepted onto the Filmhub listings and is being pitched to channels now!

One big reason why = All those translations open the film up to being listed in so many countries where the official language is one of the translated languages.

When Trevor is selected for a channel, the Trevor team wins (we want you to see the film) and the Filmhub pitching team wins too.

Right now Trevor is readying for distribution to many channels like this > you can stream for FREE on Tubi!  Tubi is the #1 Free Streaming App. It has the largest library of free movies and TV and is currently available in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Panama, and the United States. 

Trevor stars Hunter Tremayne as Trevor (Mr Keble in The Bookshop Goya winner film 2018, and currently in 30 Coins, season 2 on HBO), Karina Matas-Piper, Maarten Swaan, Lisa Coleman, Stephanie Figueira.  Director: Carlos Domeque. Producer: Rita Martinos. Writer: Georgina Tremayne. Music: Jeff Faustman.

Trevor synopsis

Trevor and his second wife Wendy live in a beautiful converted farmhouse in a remote part of Spain. They share their home with their house guest Finchy (now going by the name Lyn) and Antxon, the local handyman who they think doesn’t speak English.

Jen (Trevor’s daughter) visits Trevor with Dave, her boyfriend. Jen’s not seen Trevor in almost a decade and the father-daughter reunion is tense from the kick-off. It gets worse when she tells him she found her mother (Trevor’s first wife) living in luxury in Thailand. Tricky news for Trevor as he thought wife #1 was lost at sea years ago.

Trevor follows six characters over three days packed with old grievances, new gripes, breakups, make ups and more. As the wine flows, and the sun sets, they discover things about each other that none of them saw coming.

This comedy drama indie film delves right into those awkward, cringeworthy things we laugh at… as long as they happen to somebody else.

Watch this space for more on the BBLTranslation and Trevor team success story – because we’d love you to be able to watch the film!


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