Matera ‘Capitale della Cultura’ and BBLTranslation, its proud official supporter

You will surely have read on a website somewhere something related to “Matera, capitale della cultura”.This is essentially written in Italian because it describes a small municipality in the Mediterranean country, in which next year many cultural events will be celebrated, because Matera has been crowned the European Capital of Culture for 2019. This also means that if you have already organised a trip to Italy, or if you want a good excuse for an escape which will prove to be educational, this could be the perfect time. At BBLTranslation, agency of translation and interpretation,with services of cultural advice, we want to give this as much importance as possible because we believe that this type of celebration should be prioritised in our European society.

BBLTranslation, proud official supporter of “Matera Capitale della Cultura”

The city of Materais one of the most magical places you will ever find. Its tradition and its fusion of the people’s culture with the natural rock caves that form the city is one example of how people can interact with their surroundings in a sustainable way.  For this reason, the celebration of “Matera Capitale della Cultura” in 2019 is something that we want to mark at BBLTranslation. We are one of the official suppliers of services related to translation, but also of corporate adaptations that may be necessary in order to become integrated into the culture of the country.

The history of European culture capitals goes back to the year 1999, when several very similar previous initiatives (although with different durations, name formulas and financing) merged for the creation that we now know as the European Culture Capital. The European Council and the European Parliament are the organisations in charge of naming one or two cities in different countries that will have the year-long opportunity to show their cultural development and their towns’ way of life to the rest of Europe.

The initiatives of the European Culture Capital have over the years become a celebration event at a European level that allows the citizens of other countries to rediscover incredible places which in many cases are actually very nearby. Economic initiatives have also been combined, just as touristic initiatives have, which allow the cultural structures of the place to transform, as well as gaining very positive recognition in the international sphere. Throughout the whole year, the chosen cities celebrate different types of artistic portrayals which allow the proliferation of leisure trips, cultural discovery of the locals, and openings of opportunities for businesses on an international level. This is why BBLTranslation supports all of these celebrations and we want to make them public knowledge because we consider them extremely positive on both a local and European level.

Supporting the European Exchange and those businesses that search for new niches in the market

Within our business, BBLTranslation, we are conscious that we live in a completely globalised world. On many occasions, however, this causes SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to be in need of a push and in need of an extra support to highlight alternative markets, or markets which are in places that were initially not points of interest. The recognition of these cities and of many others allows for the opening of interactions between European countries, and above all, provides new business opportunities that can become very profitable proposals for any entrepreneurial project. In these cases, good cultural advice, as well as a partner specialising in languages and international culture, is key in order to be able to achieve success. And this is what we offer all our clients at BBLTranslation.


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